Top Locations for Shooting in London

Фотограф в Лондоне

I am a firm believer that you can shoot amazing portraits in any location and with even the simplest background. However being a photographer based in London I have clients who want pictures which reflect London. Sometimes in an  obvious way with red phone booth, a cab and a Big Ben, the other times I get requests to make it with “London feel” without those cliche locations. So here I listed my favorite locations for photoshoots in London.

Фотограф в Лондоне

1. I would like to start with my favorite park ever – Regents Park. This park is amazing regardless of the time of the year. My suggestion to you is to go and shoot around the rose garden, include the little bridge to Japanese Garden, and catch a sunset for some backlit masterpieces, oh, and don’t forget some shots with sakura

 Фотограф в Лондоне
Фотограф в Лондоне
Фотограф в Лондоне

2. Another location that I just love – Southbank. I have to admit – it is challenging at times to shoot every new client differently in the same location, but I love pushing myself to find every time something different. So, starting from Big Ben and walking your way all the way to Tower Bridge. Here I have few spots to point out within Southbank Location.

Big Ben on a side of St.Thomas Hospital and the Bridge


Carousel and festival lights

Фотограф в Лондоне


Skateboarding spot with graffiti


Little beach near OXO Tower – That depends on the level of water of course

Фотограф в Лондоне

Millennium Bridge with the view over St.Paul’s Cathedral

Фотограф в Лондоне

That pub with red windows

Фотограф в Лондоне

Yellow door near Shakespeare’s Globe

Фотограф в Лондоне

3. Another location I love to use is More London near Tower bridge. The red wall, the Scoop, the modern buildings – fantastic location for the shoot



4. Next amazing location – St.Katherines docks – yachts, red telephone booth, Dicken’s Inn Pub and a view of a Tower Bridge with almost no people

Фотограф в Лондоне

Фотограф в Лондоне

Фотограф в Лондоне

5. Next Place – top of 1 New Change Shopping Center. It has an amazing view over St.Paul’s, especially at sunset backlit. A tip: Tell the security near the elevators that you are going to a viewing platform – not to the bar – and you’ll skip the queue



6. My favorite seasonal place – – Winter Wonderland – lots of colours, lights and Christmas mood, and of course mulled wine!!  Go there early morning, or weekday between 1pm and 3 pm for some colorful shots


Wedding Photographer London


7. Richmond – Richmond park with deer and high grass and the riverside. For me it’s a bit too far, but still a place for some amazing shots



8. Notting Hill – colorful doors, classy London streets and you can imagine Hugh Grant passing by from the movie with the same title



9. And finally – Brick Lane and Camden with graffiti, amazing textures and corky backgrounds will add some twist to your pictures.






I hope that will inspire you to do more city shots and use all the wonderful places London has to offer

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