Shooting with prime lenses

  The other day I’ve got a question from a fellow photographer, asking which lenses I use and why do I choose to shoot with primes. Here are a few reasons for that. But first of all I’d like to list the lenses i use for my wedding, family, fashion work.

I have 3 main lenses – 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8 and 24mm 2.8  My main weapon of choice is 50mm 1.8.  I also own a lensbaby, but don’t use it a lot as it doesn’t suit my style – i love clean images without artificial distractions most of the time.

My personal reasons for using prime lenses:

- First and foremost is that it suits my photography style.

Фотограф в Лондоне

- Second reason is that even the best zoom lens will only give you the lowest aperture of 2.8, while primes can go as low as 1.2, and that again reflect on your style.

Детский фотограф в Лондоне

- Also you need your aperture low in a dark conditions in order to have a good balance with iso keeping the shutter speed high, so there is another reason.

Фотограф в Лондоне

- And the last reason is bokeh, i love the bokeh that primes give.

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I can see how having a zoom lens for a wedding can be tempting. For example 24-70 is the most popular, covering from wide angle to a portrait. And you don’t have to swap lenses all the time. But again, for the reasons i mentioned, that is not my photographic choice. And through the years I’ve learnt to swap the lenses so fast and anticipate the wedding moment in advance so now it’s almost automatic. It’s all about knowing your gear

I hope that helps!
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