The importance of the memories

I’ve been a photo enthusiast since 2006, when I bought my first dslr Fuji something, which now belongs to my father. Over the next few years I’ve been playing around and photographing ¬†friends and family, before launching my business in 2009. Now this year it is going to be 7 years (!!) since I’ve started my journey not only as a professional¬†photographer but as a proud owner of my own business.

And it’s only then I started to understand the importance of family memories. Everytime I would have a session with a family, I was thinking – that’s so much fun, that’s such an amazing experience and they get to keep pictures as a prove of this fun day of them being together. Every time I would go through a family session in my lightroom, I would stop at some pictures thinking – I want the same, I in all honesty want this similar picture in my own album.
That was the moment when I started a tradition of a yearly photoshoots for my family and I.


Then after few years when I started to become popular among Russian community, I’ve met some awesome colleagues in the industry and then just pictures were not enough anymore.

I started booking family videos. First of which was baptising of my baby daughter.
And even after months and years now I’m watching these professional videos again and again. And I’m not even talking about the rest of the family who would never spend that amount of money on a “silly” video or photo. They understand now.
And I re-live every moment I see on the picture, and every second I see on the video. That will stay with me forever, in a good quality, a memory well taken care of.

Malvina & Lisa // Winter Wonderland | London from Yaroslava Malkova on Vimeo.

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